Friday, October 26, 2007

A New Start to the Same old Jessica

In the past month my life has turned a new page for the best. For the past year and a half I feel I have struggled with school, friendships, relationships, employment, and other aspects of everyday life. But now I feel I am beginning to find a niche in life. I have found the greatest friends in the world, an amazing boyfriend, and I have now been offered a full-time Educational Technician III position at Scarborough High School. I now have my foot in the door in the career I have wanted to do. I will be sad to leave the great people I have met working at InterMed but I am excited to get on with my life! And there is always summer and school vacations.

I also made the life altering decision to adopt a dog. I found Indiana on and fell in love! My sister, Jay and I drove to Windham, New Hampshire to pick up the bundle of energy on October 6 and every day has been adventure since. He is half chiuaua half daschund and is absolutley adorable!

You can check out Indie's Page:

I have also started to make cakes and am currently taking a cake making class. I have always been interested in the art of cake making and I have always wanted a productive hobby, so I felt cake making was the best outlet for me! I would really like to start making them for other people (other than my family and friends) so I am trying to build up a portfolio so I can start doing it as a mini-buisness! You can check out my cakes at:
"Here's to absent friends...Here's twice to absent enemies"


Sarah said...

yay! nice first post :)

Susan said...

I love it. Can't wait to keep up on "Life with Jess". :)

Susan said...


Love the cupcakes you made for Halloween. they are very spooky indeed. Write another blog soon. I want to know how the new job is going!