Monday, November 19, 2007

Changes in Attitudes...More Changes in Jobs!

As the Seasons change from Fall to Winter, Halloween came and went as the Princess and Mario painted the town pink with a plunger, the Red Sox went on to win another World Series in four years (I never would have thought I would be able to see the Red Sox win the World Series Title twice in my life, and I am sure many others in Red Sox Nation will agree!), and my cousin Susan got married, allowing us cousins to add a new person to the mix!

When I last wrote I was excited to embark on this new adventure at Scarborough High School and I was excited to have a new change in my life. Well, more change has entered my life and made a small wind storm as I have now got offered and accepted another position for a non-profit organization, following my sister's footsteps. Starting on December 3, I will, again, be embarking on a new path in my life working for MaineTeenTalk.Org as a Educator/Marketer for their Healthy Relationship Initiative. I will be travelling around in the schools of Cumberland County teaching and explaining this Healthy Relationship Initiative. I am very excited to start this new career and finally earn money!

As I am ending a short but very enjoyable chapter in my life and starting anew, I am happy to say my cousin Susan is also started a new chapter in her life this past weekend when she got married to Dave! I am very excited for the both of them and wish them nothing but happiness for the future. They also gave me the ability to flex my culinary and creative skills to help plan the decorations for their wedding and make their wedding cake. I do have to say everything was a success and it looked extremely beautiful. I even impressed myself with the cake and center pieces. I am overjoyed they were able to give me this opportunity to do something I absolutely love to do!

So I end this with hopes for fair weather in the upcoming weeks for new jobs and new lives together, and the hopes for amazing and safe Thanksgiving for everyone!

Here were some of the pictures from Susan's Wedding!